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The most beautiful sandals are and will always be Capri


Strictly handmade, with precious fabrics, decorated with stones, designed specifically for future brides and movie stars, here is the story of Jackie O 'and Ingrid Bergman's favorite sandals.

During his time on the island, Emperor Tiberius spends part of his time running the empire, on an island known to all today for being the home of Capri sandals. The story tells that it was Tiberius who chose the island as his home, who wandered the streets wearing sandals with a rigid sole and strips that wrapped around the ankles.

Capri, precisely. Tourist destination par excellence and defined as one of the most picturesque places in Italy. A beautiful island, a mix of history, nature, and worldliness that brings with it and reminds us of the tradition and beauty of unique landscapes. Defined as an unparalleled myth and one of the most enchanting islands, this splendid destination is appreciated and highly regarded by tourists and footwear lovers alike. Who today does not know the beautiful Capri sandals, customizable in every detail and always trendy?

In fact, it is the ancient Romans, after the Greeks, who made half of Europe known these particular shoes, similar to our flip-flops, in woven leather that fixed the foot inside a sort of armor. It is particular to note how over time, the model has become a must for both women and men. So much so that Capri sandals are known above all for their being decorated with crystals and other tinsel, thanks to the craftsmanship of people who know how to work them in a unique way. The workshops, often owned by the boutiques that then present them to the public, are scattered only on the Sorrento peninsula, with some forays right to Capri. This is why Positano sandals are also definitive. But it is the land of the well-known Blue Grotto that makes them famous. And not only because of the historic boutiques but also for the celebrities who have grown fond of Capri.

The sandals, which have always been considered the main footwear of all the peoples of the Mediterranean, have been conceived in Capri. Over the years, many artisans have refined their techniques and made their designs unique and unmistakable. Moving further and further away from its origins, from simple rigid soles with leather strips used only to keep the foot still, today this type of shoe is proposed and enriched with shades of gold, silver, or in general, made in any color or decoration. It is fashion that has led these historic craftsmen to add elements and propose increasingly extravagant collections, modifying and adding heels, wedges, decorated uppers, or real sketches drawn in the internal plant of the shoe, designed to emphasize the uniqueness and craftsmanship. Jackie O', Sofia Loren, or the wife of the lawyer Agnelli, all wore strictly handmade sandals, with a timeless Made in Italy charm. They represent one of the many famous Italian products in the world and an integral part of any self-respecting women's wardrobe. On the blue island, among lemon trees, sunny days, and sea breezes that make hearts vibrate, the artisans contribute to increasing its fame.