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Villa Franca Hotel Positano

O'RO Incanto Lounge: Mediterranean culinary tradition & Music


For a journey between culinary tradition and local history, O'RO Incanto Lounge is the ideal place, immersed in a unique atmosphere in Positano.

Neapolitan cuisine finds its origins in the various dominations that have passed through the city. From the times of the Greeks and Romans, and then moving on to the French and Spanish dominations, Neapolitan cuisine has been enriched with dishes ranging from the most particular to the most popular ones.

A very famous product, still widely used today, can be traced back to ancient dominations, namely the anchovy sauce from the bay of Cetara along the Amalfi coast, while recipes linked to legumes and vegetables date back to the Middle Ages. In the sixteenth century pasta was known, as it was a dish that could be preserved for a long time, transforming Neapolitans from leaf eaters to macaroni eaters. During the Enlightenment and the French domination, the Neapolitan ragù, the potato gateau and the famous crocchè were born. In the nineteenth century the difference between the bourgeoisie and the people became increasingly wider, this gave rise to new recipes reserved for the different classes, such as octopus broth and freselle soup typical of the Neapolitan suburbs. The birth of pizza also dates back to this period.

At the tavern you can taste Sorrento-style gnocchi, made with the same ingredients as pizza margherita; paccheri with Neapolitan ragù, a typical Sunday dish; the babà and many other dishes that transport the guest towards a unique culinary journey.