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Nonna Franca Limoncello Recipe

1 litre of water
1 litre of alcohol 95°
10 large Lemons Amalfi PGI
700 gr of white sugar

• Wash the lemons thoroughly and remove all residues
• Peel the lemons by removing only the yellow part and cut the peel into small pieces
• Take a glass jar, put the peels inside to macerate with 700 ml of alcohol for 20-30 days. The jar must be closed hermetically and left to macerate in a dark cool place
• After maceration, pour the water in a pot, bring to a boil and add the sugar until it dissolves
• Allow to cool and pour it together with the other 300 ml in the jar where the peels were left to macerate
• Close again tightly and set aside for at least a month. Subsequently filter the mixture obtained, eliminating the peels and lumps
• Pour into one or more bottles and place in the freezer before use. If well preserved, limoncello can last almost one year